Volume 10, Issue 1 (2014) Special Issue: State of the Field

This is a special issue that assess the state of our field, celebrates our successes, and calls for future innovative work. The authors are scholars and practitioners who represent the diversity of our field and provide a wide range of perspectives on deliberation, dialogue, participation, and civic life. The ideas from this issue will be discussed at the upcoming Frontiers of Democracy conference, after which the editors will write an "afterword" reflecting on lessons learned.



The State of Our Field: Introduction to the Special Issue
Laura W. Black, Nancy L. Thomas, and Timothy J. Shaffer PhD


Reflecting on the State of our Field: Challenging our Purpose, Impact, and Potential
Laura W. Black, Timothy J. Shaffer, and Nancy L. Thomas

The Scope of the Field


Democracy by Design
Nancy L. Thomas



The Unfulfilled Promise of Online Deliberation
Janette Hartz-Karp and Brian Sullivan

Promising Future Directions

Book Reviews