Public Deliberation features the Journal of Public Deliberation (JPD). The Journal of Public Deliberation (JPD) is a peer review, open access journal with the principal objective of synthesizing the research, opinion, projects, experiments and experiences of academics and practitioners in the emerging multi-disciplinary field and political movement called "deliberative democracy." Visit the Journal of Public Deliberation.

International Journal for Public Participation (2007 - 2010) merged with the Journal for Public Deliberation as a joint venture between DDC and IAP2 in November 2010.

In announcing the joint venture in November 2010, IAP2 President Desley Renton said “this initiative builds on the foundations of both journals and will extend the discourse in the field with readers benefiting from firsthand experience of public participation practitioners”.

DDC Executive Director Matt Leighninger said "We are very excited about this new partnership. Working together on JPD will help our networks strengthen the critical links between research and practice, and better support democratic innovation throughout the world."

The last edition of the IJP2 appears here

Archived editions can be found here